A New Book by Gerry Pearce, exploring the Secret WWII Operation Tabarin from a fresh perspective.

Never before, nor since, has an Antarctic expedition laid such emphasis on special stamp issues and post offices, as befell Operation Tabarin. It was conceived and executed during World War II, primarily to strengthen British claims to sovereignty of the Falkland Islands Dependencies. Permanent occupancy was deemed essential to resist claims by other nations and a pivotal feature of this was demonstrated by establishing post offices, handling the sending and receiving of mail, thus demonstrating and reinforcing sovereignty over the territory.

The British Government also saw the potential to recover some of the cost of mounting Operation Tabarin in 1943, by hurriedly ordering the specially overprinted Falkland Islands stamps, named for the Dependencies. These were: Graham Land, South Shetlands, South Orkneys and South Georgia.

Before the newly designed map stamps were issued in February 1946, replacing the overprints, the almost unbelievable total of nearly five million overprinted stamps had been produced for these sparsely inhabited territories.

The detailed account of the polar operation was researched from source material and personal accounts.